Emacs Hangouts

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of participating in an Emacs-themed Google Hangout arranged by Sacha Chua, in which several of us Emacs geeks got together and discussed what we’ve been working on, questions we have about particular packages or workflows, etc.:

I don’t think any of use knew exactly what to expect, but we talked a bit about the different autocomplete frameworks (auto-complete-mode and company-mode), org-mode, wrap-region, and I yapped a bit about Emacs testing tools and BDD.

Today I got to fill in for Sacha and host the second of these Hangouts:

Today’s chat dove into magit trickery, org-present, achieving Vim parity via evil-mode, use-package, and switching to Dvorak.

Many thanks to @jjasghar, @amirrajan, @mwfogleman for speaking and sharing their expertise. I’m really enjoying these and I hope interest stays high so we can keep them going.

Finally, sorry for the technical difficulties at the beginning of the recording–I really hope everyone who wanted to join was able to! This was my first time hosting a Hangout-on-Air and it’s a bit quirky. For future reference, the thing that really tripped me up is how little integration there is between the Hangout and the event page for it. The RSVP list has nothing to do with the people who get to participate in the Hangout–all it does is send a reminder to those people to view the event–and there’s no way to invite those people to become participants once it has started. AFAIK the only thing you can do is to copy the URL visible inside of the Hangout (not clearly marked for participation rather than viewing) and post it on the event page and / or the in-Hangout chat.

Anyway, thanks for your patience and if I host another one I’ll know what to do!