Items of Interest #2

  • Momo Loves You - need your daily dose of adorableness? Check out my puppy daughter’s Tumblr.
  • A Better Way to Say Sorry - a great procedure for how to apologize and have it actually mean something.
  • Lessig interviews Jack Abramoff - direct questions and answers with America’s most infamous political lobbyist who “pleaded guilty in 2006 to charges of fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy to bribe public officials”. Every American should listen to this interview to understand the reality of American politics, straight from the horse’s mouth.
  • Rubocop - a fantastic static code analyzer for Ruby which will help you catch common errors and style guide violations. If you write Ruby, you should be using this. If you use Emacs, run it via flycheck-mode.
  • A Radical View - a neat graphical layout of Chinese characters by radical.
  • 12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time - a round-up of some of the most important language learning techniques by someone who really knows what he’s talking about–polyglot Benny Lewis.
  • Beyond the Semantic Web - lecture from Doug Lenat who has been working tirelessly for the last 30 years on Cyc, an attempt to build a complete ontology of everyday knowledge. Incredibly ambitious.