Talking Atheism on the Nerd Absurd Podcast

The lovely folks from the Nerd Absurd podcast had me on their show a couple months back1, along with my coworker Aaron, to discuss atheism and what it’s like growing up as an atheist in America. I founded–and for several years ran–The Atheists and Freethinkers Society at UT Dallas, an experience which left me with no lack of stories (both entertaining and infuriating) about growing up as part of America’s most-hated minority.

This was my first podcast appearance, so thanks a ton to Nick and Virginia for taking a chance on me! We had a lot of fun doing it and ended up running long enough to make a double episode.

Give a listen to Nerd Absurd episodes 116 and 117, Atheism Part 1 and Part 2! And if that strikes your fancy, make sure to subscribe to their show!

  1. Wish I’d remembered to post this ages ago but no harm done… ↩︎