Marriage is…Confused

Marriage is love an artificial, government-created union.

I would be completely in favor of same-sex marriage, however, there’s one little problem—I’m not even in favor of heterosexual marriage! I personally think the whole thing is crap1. Since when did the responsibilities of the government extend to legal recognition of loving relationships? As a general principle, I think it is a good idea for government and love to stay as far apart as possible—one is bound to fuck up the other.

The whole thing is just so…misguided…I mean despite the fact that my government tells me I must choose a woman rather than a man for my legal partner, it also presupposes that monogamy is more proper for me than polygamy, and a host of other choices. Hell, some places still largely base marriage on religious grounds—add that to the mix of impositions.

I recognize that there are important considerations like joint property ownership, child custody, et cetera, but I don’t see these as insurmountable issues. Perhaps such principles could be based on the concept of “households” (which might be much more appropriate than marriage in some cases). And if you want to engage in some sort of marriage-esque personal contract binding yourself to another (whether you are gay, a polygamist, or an Atheist), go for it! That’s your right as a citizen in a free nation.

I suppose you can see my Libertarian views coming through…Bottom line, America: protect your citizens, and then leave them the hell alone. We all know what is best for ourselves better than anyone else—why not let us decide our own contracts, engagements, and partners?

  1. Since my views aren’t likely to take America by storm, I do support gay marriage given how things are. ↩︎