Windows Vista The Wave of the...Present

As all my GNU/Linux friends probably know, Windows Vista (formerly ‘Longhorn’) Beta 1 has been released. Many sites are posting screenshots of the new features. Some of the new things are cool: virtual folders, in-file searches, etc. I was a bit impressed at first, but then I realized that every new feature in Vista is available on Linux systems already, although many are not standardly deployed yet. So my respect for the new features was reduced to a respect for their ability to get these features out the door and widely available at a faster rate.

Then I stumbled upon the article I’m So Excited by Microsoft Vista. Not., which restored my perspective on the situation. Yeah, these tools are not available in a stock Linux distro yet, but Vista is at least a year off. Where will we be by then? Pssst…have you seen GNOME 2.12 yet?