2005: A Year in Review

2005 wasn’t a particularly productive year for me. My list of personal projects for the year is rather pathetic and makes me wonder what I was doing with my time. But I did make a number of important personal discoveries, and I came to many exciting new conclusions philosophically.

There were also some great changes in my life, as well as some exciting arts discoveries. Definitely a fun year on the whole, if not quite so productive as I might have hoped.

Best CD

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Best Book

Sock, a novel by Penn Jilette

Best Feature Film

Crash (2004). Hands down.

Subjects Consuming Most Brain Power

Note: blog entries on many of these subjects are forthcoming.

  • The personal aesthetic
  • Human sexuality / relationship patterns
  • Personal standards of progress
  • Foundations of morality
  • Metaphysics and philosophical uncertainty
  • Decriminalization of illegal drugs
  • Bodyart, both culturally and personally
  • My future
  • Moral foundations of government
  • Programming language design
  • Multiple-entry flexible hierarchies in software


Notable Personal Events

These are roughly chronological, but there are likely a few mistakes in the ordering.

  • My father going to Iraq
  • Balcony nights with EB
  • Realizing my appreciation for body art
  • Getting to be friends with E and M
  • Breaking up with J, J moving out
  • Self-imposed non-dating period
  • Turning 21
  • Redefining and solidifying views on relationships
  • Getting pierced
  • Visiting Boston, MIT, and moving my brother into a 4th-floor apartment
  • Server getting hacked (and subsequently learning a great deal about security in a very short time)
  • Dating M
  • My father returning from Iraq
  • SSA Conference
  • Getting in a big argument with my boss, redefining work boundaries
  • Bocktoberfest
  • Getting new laptop (iBook)
  • Seeing Stroke 9 live
  • Studying Lisp again
  • Starting on a tea binge
  • Getting into Python
  • Sisters asking me if I believed in god