2010 Plan & Goals

Yeah, sure, New Year’s resolutions, fine. Well I sort of missed it, so I gave myself until the end of January to plot my year.

I generally wanted to embrace the S.M.A.R.T. (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely) goal-setting concept where possible and practical, so what’s below is divided into the discrete, check-it-off-when-done tasks, and the more abstract goals I’ve haven’t wrangled into task form (or don’t want to take the time to track, like some of the dailies).

Here’s the blueprint to build a 2010 that I will find awesome in reflection:


Know how to execute most small business plans so that I can rapidly convert ideas into experiments; know how to run a company successfully.

  • ☐ Start another company
  • ☐ Outsource some business tasks to solidify understanding, eliminate barriers
  • ☐ Create a short document synthesizing what I’ve learned about marketing


Improve and then maintain health, optimizing for longevity. Try for (and realistically achieve) the best health of my adult life.

  • Resume running regularly
  • Spend 30+ minutes outside everyday (weather permitting), for general sanity and for vitamin D
  • ☐ Complete Couch-to-5K (stopped last year after getting sick and then hitting the cold winter)
  • ☐ Experiment with meditation
  • Synthesize, internalize, and share (☐) newfound knowledge of nutrition

Language Learning

Solidify Japanese, then start thinking about another language.

  • ☐ Learn all 1,945 Jouyou kanji (meanings only), know ~400 at present
  • ☐ Take the JLPT (level 3? 2?); December 5th, registration in July


Optimize and systemize personal processes.

  • Incorporate more feedback and optimization (data and accountability)
  • Systemize goal-setting process (even if a 90% solution)
  • Create a heroic personal definition and attempt to live up to it
  • Write personal stories (especially for 2009)
  • Stick to GTD. In fact, do it better


Develop sources of location-independent, automated, diversified income. Wisely manage the money I have.

  • ☐ Create two more income streams
  • ☐ Achieve net positive cash flow (even if this must include active income)
  • ☐ Earn $1k per month in passive income by the end of the year


Overcome anxieties (however small), make smalltalk, make more friends, be friendlier to strangers, be a better storyteller. Network better.

  • Participate in more groups and be a better participant (more regular, more engaged)
  • Embrace opportunities to enter new social circles
  • ☐ Hang out with a new friend every month
  • ☐ Re-engage an old friend every month


  • ☐ Visit at least four new places
  • ☐ Visit at least two new countries


  • ☐ Write at least four blog posts per month
  • ☐ Complete at least one longer project (15+ pages). Book? Ebook?
  • Be more attentive to writing effectiveness


  • ☐ Read 24 books (19 in 2009)
  • ☐ Learn to surf

The plan is to track these items on this template (plain-text, markdown formatted, Unicode encoded). If you’re tracking your goals you might consider stealing some chunks of the file. Or, if you have improvements, I’d love to hear about them!