Focusing, Shuffling

I’m doing a bit of work to get things better organized around here. I have the both fortunate and unfortunate affliction of having far too many interests—the harm in this is that if I blog about what’s on my mind, there’s no way anyone else will actually want to follow along.

From here on, this blog is going to focus on lifehacking, location-independence, and entrepreneurism. It’s about embracing your passions, eschewing societal standards, and living an awesome life. I’m also thinking I’ll put a more personal spin on things, sharing my successes and failures and inviting you, as a reader, to keep me on track.

Towards these ends I’ve pulled down some content. Particularly you’ll no longer see posts about programming, etc. In the meantime I will move those posts to [note: now superseded by this blog] and we’ll see where they end up long term.